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Open Road Inclusive Community Consulting helps public and private human service organizations fulfill their promises to their clients and communities.

We provide individualized consultation, project management, technical assistance, professional development, and training in program evaluation, social research, policy analysis, stakeholder and community engagement, inclusive practices, workforce wellbeing, and trauma-informed and responsive approaches. We offer specialized services to support organizations in translating research into best practices, analyzing the potential impact of new policies, developing new management skills, supporting their workforce’s wellness, and growing plans for continuous quality improvement.  

We believe that:

  • The best decisions are those that are informed by data and the voices of those most impacted.

  • When leaders have the right skills, values, knowledge, and support, human service organizations can play an important role in transforming our communities to fully include and value all people, of all bodies, all minds, and all backgrounds. Human services can help people feel more connected and realize their fundamental rights, dignity, and strengths.

  • Everyone has value and is deserving of kindness, respect, and care. 

  • Learning is a life-long journey.

  • We all have a stake-in and role to play in supporting the health of caregivers and the human service workforce.

  • Leadership is not a title, but a set of skills continually developed by anyone committed to inspiring positive change.

Open Road Inclusive Community Consulting offers specialized knowledge, a fresh perspective, and another set of hands to help in these efforts.

Contact us if you think Open Road ICC can be of service to you, your staff, or your organization. Our pricing is flexible and based on the nature of the project and the size of the organization.


Our Team

Dr. Amanda Rich is the founder and CEO of Open Road ICC. She founded Open Road ICC in 2018. Dr. Rich has worked in higher education, human service leadership development, non-profit management, and program evaluation for over 14 years. She believes that when leaders operate from a place of compassion and have the support they need, organizations can be transformative.


She has taught over 100 courses on topics related to program evaluation, trauma-informed and responsive care, human service leadership, sexual and intimate partner violence prevention, human development, family diversity, and public policy. Dr. Rich has worked with organizations with a wide range of missions including mental health, developmental disability support services, victim advocacy, childcare, early childhood education, human service leadership development, violence prevention, and the public library systems. She has a master’s degree in Applied Behavior Analysis and Special Education from the Teacher’s College at Columbia University and a doctoral degree in Human Development and Family Studies from the University of Delaware. 

Her specialties include:

  • Trauma-informed and responsive approaches

  • Program evaluation

  • Human service leadership development

  • Community-based support services

  • Stakeholder engagement

  • Workforce resilience and well-being including compassion fatigue resilience and burnout prevention

  • Workplace mental health

  • Social welfare policy    


"Amanda led an engaging and in-depth session for our group. She was warm and knowledgeable and a lovely facilitator that made everyone in the group feel welcome!”- Christine Skrobot, Associate Director of Delaware Institute for Excellence in Early Childhood at the University of Delaware

Dr. Amanda Rich is an exemplary researcher, a thoughtful writer, and a strong policy advocate.  I have worked with Dr. Rich on several formative and summative evaluations and each time she produces high-quality work.  Dr. Rich is highly skilled in facilitation, active listening, evaluation, and research, and overall just a very kind, intelligent person to work with.  Her contributions to our work over the years have been significant, helping to further our mission and in support of a better world.”- Dr. Kelley Perkins, Deputy Project Director at the State Capacity Building Center, ICF, Co-Director of the Early Childhood Leadership Institute  


“Dr Amanda Rich provided an excellent presentation for the Bergen County Human Services Institute.  The Human Services Institute provides continuing education for Social Workers. The workshop was held via Live Interactive Webinar entitled “Self-Care is Not Enough: A Trauma-Informed Lens to Compassion Fatigue and Burnout Prevention for Professionals” A sample of the participants’ responses:


  • This was one of best courses ever

  • This workshop was very informative, very helpful and a pleasure to attend.

  • The presentation was very informative, interactive, and applicable to my field.

  • This was excellent.” -Theresa Cannon, Human Services Institute Bergen County Department of Human Services






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